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Yes, if you have extenuating circumstances that have caused you to fail to meet the minimum SAP requirements, you may appeal your loss of financial aid by electronically submitting a SAP Appeal via your my Tri-C space portal, under the “Financial Aid Requirements” section.

Guidelines for Submitting your SAP Appeal:

  1. Contact the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office for the SAP Appeal application if the form is not available to you after creating your account in the student portal. You can contact the financial aid office via Tri-C FA Chat, email us at, or call us at 216-987-6000, Option #2.
  2. Students are required to complete a FAFSA prior to submitting the SAP appeal.
  3. After accessing your electronic SAP appeal, type in a detailed personal statement telling us why you were unable to meet the minimum requirements of SAP for the specified term(s), addressing all insufficient terms and what happened. Be clear and concise regarding your situation and specifying timeframes of what took place.  Please review the Personal Statement Outline for further guidance.
  4. Students will also complete a YEARLO (Year-Long Financial Aid Plan) form after the SAP Appeal is completed. 
  5. Upload the following documentation:
    • A completed Academic Plan that consists of courses in your program of study (major). Courses that are not part of your program of study will not be covered by financial aid. *Optional: For assistance completing the Academic Plan please contact Academic Counseling to schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.
    • A copy of your Degree Works. The audit can be printed to a pdf document from your student portal. DegreeWorks Audit printing instructions
    • Any additional documentation that helps support your appeal. For example, if your situation was medical related, submit the SAP Medical documentation signed by your doctor’s/healthcare professional.

Results of the Appeal

  • The appeal decision will be made by the SAP Appeal Review Committee within 10 business days. You will be notified of the decision through email, or directly in the student portal of the decision or if there is any further information needed.

  • If your SAP appeal is approved, you will be contacted by a Student Financial Aid Advisor to complete a year-long financial aid plan required to complete the SAP Appeal approval process. To maintain your financial aid eligibility, follow the SAP guidelines for Title IV financial aid eligibility.

  • If your SAP appeal is not approved, please connect with a Student Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your options, and questions or concerns.

SAP Appeal Deadlines

  • Fall 2020 - September 8, 2020
  • Spring 2021 – TBD

SAP Appeals submitted after the deadline will be reviewed for the next semester.

(Financial Aid > SAP)

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